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metricminds create custom in-engine cutscenes for game developers.

From the first moment, our endeavors in cinematics were guided by one simple question: How can we help game developers connect with their players?

By working with game developers to create cutscenes, we aim to tell stories in order to set the emotional tone of their game. The goal is to evoke emotions in the player for better immersion into the game. The stories also serve as an elegant wrapper for tutorials, briefings and other information the developer would like the player to receive. (This does not even have to be gameplay-relevant information, such as a glimpse at content to be expected in DLC, etc.)

For storytelling, we use the universal visual language that evolved in film making over the past 100 years and combine it with the interactive elements needed to tie the story perfectly into the game. To do so, we must work in the client’s engine or at least prepare our cutscenes in a way that the developers can easily integrate our work into their game. This is both in order to ease the development process on the developer side, but also to keep the distinct visual style and intention of the game.

The underlying concept of each cutscene must support the notion of “Suspension of Disbelief” in which a player will willfully forget they are playing a game or watching a cinematic or film. In order to do so, we have to use the technology at hand in a way that it does not interfere with the game’s experience. A technical glitch or an aesthetic misstep will instantly remind the player of the the fact that they are playing a game and it will take an effort to slip back into the flow of the game. We have therefore developed a team structure that will enable our artists to receive in-house support in order to best use the engine technology for each project. With our many years of experience, we have also established workflows and ways to communicate that easily allow us to identify and adapt to the game’s visual laws and individuality.

At metricminds we love producing visionary cutscenes with passion and our highly talented team is specialized in the creation of in-engine cinematics, including all the production steps, from concept phase to polished cinematic. The final product is ready to run in your production environment (game engine) or can be pre-rendered into a movie file.

We have designed our services to be as flexible as possible so they can fit smoothly into your production pipeline. Whether we help you with individual steps of your cinematics pipeline or the full-blown production of cutscenes, is up to you.

Our focus is to fully understand your creative vision before we begin. Then, our artists build on your ideas to deliver the cinematic sequences, while protecting your pipeline and workflows for easy integration of our work into your game.

Feedback loops will be individually timed for each client and project, so you don’t miss a single frame we’ve worked on while not getting distracted from your other tasks. You will always stay in the driver’s seat with our production-proven and transparent workflow as well as solid feedback loops and approvals. The final outcome will fit perfectly into your game, both technically and creatively.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you with your project, specifically!

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