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In order for us to best convey your vision, it is vital we have a detailed plan in place for the production and asset creation.

We start by organising a creative brainstorm with your script in order to finalize a working schedule. We will also assess the dramatic impact of the script and find the best way to implement this. In order to create the most engaging cinematics, we will discuss with you what kind of emotional involvement you wish the player to experience towards your game.

We would be delighted to assist you in the creation of a storyboard should you require this service. Our team can build a board-o-matic with your storyboard and soundtrack so you can decipher whether we are fulfilling the brief. This will also allow you to see if all the scenes are correctly worked out or if some adjustments need to be made to the script or storyboard.

In case you plan to do motion capture with us, we are highly experienced in working closely with directors and can assist you in figuring out where and when the actors have to perform takes in the studio. The open communication between yourself and our team will ensure that the shoot will flow with ease. We will fully prepare our state-of-the-art motion capture studio according to your needs and build any sets or props you may require in advance. Naturally, our clients can assign their own actors or stunt performers but our excellent connections mean we can also cast actors on your behalf.

Our team will consider all the points that have been discussed during the creative pre-production and work out an individual and robust technical pipeline that is unique to you and your workflow.

In addition, we can stage the scenes for you by providing sketches or small-scale models to illustrate how effectively we can use the studio space and also the scene space in your environments. Our team is also highly skilled at setting up cameras in relation to the shot volume so we can provide you with that perfect take.

If required we can provide special rigging and skinning of characters and faces.

Please contact us to find out more about our pre-production services!

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