The Surge – metricminds GmbH


Developer: Deck13
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

metricminds supplied Game Developer Deck 13 with MOCAP for the in-game animations in their latest title, The Surge, which was released in May 2017. Deck 13 (known for Lords of the Fallen) developed a fast-paced Action-RPG which caught bucket loads of attention.
metricminds proudly helped create the animations for the main character as well as the NPCs. The vast majority of Hero and NPC in-game animations were recorded on our awesome MOCAP stage in Frankfurt with amazing MOCAP actor Maciej Kwiatkowski who once again proved to be a very versatile stunt actor with the ability to adapt to multiple roles. On top of the in-game animations, metricminds took care of the MOCAP recording of animations for additional story telling videos that required on-stage audio recordings.
We planned, executed and celebrated the smooth MOCAP shoot as well as lightning fast post processing of the recorded animations. The provided services included body and prop data cleanup and transfer of the animations to a final game character.
Since the Sci-Fi setting of the game required the use of special weaponry, metricminds created props for the melee weapons which were then mounted to the actor’s arms. The game design also required some adjustments to limit the actor’s range of movement. For this reason, weights were used on the limbs and chest to amplify the impression of heavy armor.

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