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Keyframe Animation and Motion Capture are two distinctively different styles of animation. At metricminds, we love both!
We are happy to augment and embellish motion captured movements in a production step we call motion editing.
In this step, our team will take the digitzed (captured) movements and make sure that they perfectly fit onto the virtual Character. We do this with our custom skeleton solving pipeline, developed in Vicon Blade. We then observe in great detail all the motions and apply our edits so they are precise and accurate. Any inconsitencies that arise from differences in proportions between Actor and Character will be removed by adding a layer of keyframe animation to fit both the captured movement and the proportions of the virtual Character.
Our team can gladly accommodate any specific brief or restrictions for your motion editing requirements.
In other projects, motion capture animation must interact with animated creatures, monsters, aliens or any other form of Character sporting an anatomy that is not easily imitated by an Actor in a mocap suit. In such cases, we are proud to offer our animation services. Again, we will gladly accommodate your briefing and requirements for timing, look and feel and other variables which influence the animations’ aesthetics.

Please contact us to find out more about our animation and motion editing services!

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