Individual Services

Pre Production





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We will take your concept and/or script and create a sketch storyboard of shot layouts, camera positions, characters and movements, to get a feel for how each scene will look.

scene_assemblySCENE ASSEMBLY


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Using the 3D environments provided by your art team, we bring all of the assets together and build a virtual scene filled with characters, cameras, props and animation.

cameras_setupCAMERA SETUP


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From static cameras, to dolly and tracking shots, we can set up virtual cameras to bring Blockbuster quality of film to your cutscenes.

motion_face_captureMOTION/FACE CAPTURE

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Our motion capture studio is equipped with the latest technology to capture real-time performances, stunts and high definition face movements using head mounted cameras.



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Prior to any shoot we can organize rehearsals and allow you to work with the actors in order to get the best possible performances and save valuable time on set.

Asset Creation




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Our team can build the joints to bring your characters to life, from body rigging to complex face rigs suitable for Face FX, FaceWare and other technologies.



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The skinning process involves attaching the geometry to the underlying skeleton to ensure that it deforms correctly and realistically when the character is animated.

matte_paintingsMATTE PAINTINGS


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Using your assets as inspiration, our talented artists can create high resolution background environments that can be used in cutscenes or throughout your game.

virtual_cameraVIRTUAL CAMERA


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With our custom built Virtual Camera, you can create realistic camera motions using our MOCAP System and Realtime Feedback. It can either be used during the MOCAP Shoot or we can set up a separate shoot where the animations are played back and only the camera is captured.

3D Production




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Using the latest 3D software and plugins, we can create realistic real-time simulations of physics based virtual events, such as destruction, particles, liquids, hair and fur.



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Whether your scenes need explosions, fire, smoke, steam or other atmospheric effects, we can place particle systems and behaviours to bring your environments to life.

motion_editingMOTION EDITING


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Corrective keyframe animation, adjustments of props, motion blending, exaggeration of motions, etc.

keyframe_animationKEYFRAME ANIMATION


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Anything that cannot be animated using motion capture we will bring to life using traditional keyframe animation. This goes for vehicles as well as monsters or simply animation.

actor_castingACTOR CASTING


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We have a database of motion capture actors in various languages that can act out your scenes and record dialog during performance. We can organize a casting and let you choose who you’d like to use for your shoot.

realtime_based_renderingREAL-TIME RENDERING


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Using the latest game engine technology, such as Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Unity 3D and more, we can manage all rendering that can be done in real-time. We can create cutscenes directly in-engine, so your players won’t leave the game world.

Post Production




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After we have brought all your 2D and 3D assets together to create the scenes, we can perform post production to add in any overlays that may be required to enhance the graphics, colours or environments.



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Depending on how you want the visual style to look, we can add additional particles to scenes if additional 2D overlays are required during post production.

colour_gradingCOLOUR GRADING


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In post production, we can alter and enhance the colouring, brightness, contrast and saturation of individual scene elements, or the video as a whole to make the final video more vivid and visually coherent.

painting_and_correlationsPAINTING & CORRELETIONS


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Should your assets or scenes require additional graphic retouching, we can perform additional edits to small details and ensure that graphics blend smoothly on screen in every frame.



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From ambient lighting to diffuse and specular reflection, light attenuation, and spotlight effects, we can illuminate your scenes to add atmosphere and brighten up the scene.

motion_graphicsMOTION GRAPHICS


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We can create cutting edge 2D/3D visual effects for film, television, web, videogames and promotional trailers, using Autodesk’s Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to add energy and motion to your videos.

sfy_and_dialog_mixSFX AND DIALOG MIX


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Our audio specialists can synchronize all the dialog, sound effects and music to the scene, organising audio tracks into a workable format should you wish to do additional post production.