Contract Senior Real-time Lighting Artist / Senior Engine Artist

We are looking for a contract senior Engine / Lighting Artist to help us out on a fantastic game cinematics project in UE4, which is based on a popular IP. The project will last between 14 and 18 months and will begin this summer (July – August).


Using our client’s lighting scheme and color palette, you will take unlit scenes and turn them into stunning shots that reflect the emotional intention of the scene. You will be placing lights and Particle FX to achieve this, but there may be other tricks in your hat that will be needed to achieve the desired result. In doing all this, you will keep a close eye on resources to ensure that the scene will still run smoothly in engine.


* Work with a team to give cinematic sequences in UE4 an amazing look by applying lights to the scene and to the characters
* Place and tweak effects
* Ensure consistency in mood and look across multiple shots and scenes, based on feedback from the Director and Supervisor
* Work with and communicate with Layout artists and animators to highlight their work and to help drive the client’s vision


* Industry Experience doing Realtime Lighting (Unreal preferred)
* Familiarity with color theory
* Natural comprehension of light and shadow
* Understanding of composition and the ability to enhance mood by lighting
* Experience in lighting of Characters
* Good Portfolio showcasing past works in lighting and placing effects
* Able to work well in a team
* Willing to relocate to Frankfurt for the duration of the project
* Good English Speaking Skills
* Able to prioritize and multi-task


* Knowledge of photography principles and image correction techniques
* Professional Experience with Unreal Engine 4
* Strong technical Background with the ability to solve problems if they arise
* Experience with set dressing final polishing of shots

Important note:
We are required by our client to have all artists and animators work on site at our studio in Frankfurt, Germany. We do not have the time necessary to secure work permits for people outside of EU countries and can therefore only hire either EU nationals or people who already have work permits in place.

This project will run for 14-18 months starting soon. If you’re interested, please contact