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You may be aware of this viral video which took the animation world by storm across the internet. It turns out that the lovely Emily who is talking about Image Metrics is in fact a highly realistic looking facial animation which demonstrates the superb markerless performance capture that ImageMetrics are renowned for:

By using a special scanning system that captures facial details right down to the individual pore, the face of actress Emily O’Brien was transformed into a digital representation of herself. It could then be entirely machine-manipulated and as the video demonstrates, a little too much towards the end!

At metricminds, we enthusiastically support the ImageMetrics Faceware™ pipeline into our motion capture process and make it available to all of our clients should they require this service. The specialised Faceware head mounted cameras capture perfect facial animation reference and plug-in seamlessly to any motion capture system. The technology can also be rigged to work with automated lip sync pipelines.

These head cameras have been designed specifically for use in feature film productions, video game shoots, commercials, music videos, web series productions, and much more…


There are plenty of options for tethered or wireless kits as well as various pricing options for data processing. These head cameras provide the perfect solution for producing fantastic and accurate footage. In addition, they are comfortable for actors to wear during a performance, work seamlessly on any set, and are affordable for any of your studio needs.

Check out the Faceware website here: www.facewaretech.com

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